The Wave Trust , a campaigning organisation that aims to tackle “the root causes of damaging family cycles, including child abuse and neglect” by breaking “cycles of family dysfunction and child maltreatment by finding solutions to the root causes of damage”.

    The Wave Trust aims to bring together the best of international scientific understanding of both root causes and solutions to create practical, effective action plans to break the cycles of childhood abuse and neglect. Its ultimate aim is to achieve a year-on-year reduction in UK childhood abuse, neglect and living with domestic violence, amounting to 70 per cent by the year 2030. The Wave Trust has collaborated with MPs to produce1001 Days: The importance of the conception to age two period, a cross-party manifesto supporting early intervention. It says: “We are missing an opportunity if we don’t prevent problems before they arise. It is vital that a focus on the early years is placed at the heart of the policy-making process. 




     Understanding Childhood, a collection of downloadable leaflets written by experienced child and adolescent psychotherapists for the Child Psychotherapy Trust. They provide detailed but easily accessible information covering a range of topics on children’s emotional development from birth to adulthood. Titles include:

    • Your new baby, your family and you
    • Crying and sleeping
    • Postnatal Depression
    • Tempers and tears
    • Sibling rivalry
    • Separations and changes in the early years
    • Understanding your overactive child
    • The child’s experience of primary school
    • Supporting Teenagers
    • Fathers
    • Divorce and separation
    • Grandparents and the extended family
    • Bereavement
    • Hold it and count to ten
    • Understanding Childhood, key stages in your child’s emotional development from birth to adulthood.

     They are available to view and download at www.understandingchildhood.net


    The Meaning of the Child Interview (MotC)

    The Meaning of the Child Interview ((www.meaningofthechild.org) is based upon almost 30 years of research into the ways in which adults speak about their child and what this reveals about how these relationships work.

    The Meaning of the Child classifies parenting interviews for the potential strengths and/or level of risk within each relationship and the degree to which a parent may be sensitive, or conversely unresponsive and/or controlling towards their child.

    The Meaning of the Child is based upon Attachment Theory and classifications of relationships are linked to how they may impact upon the child’s developing attachment patterns.

    Training in the Meaning of the Child Interview is offered by Dr Ben Grey and Ms Juliet Kesteven of the Cambridge Centre for Attachment and can be provided discretely or as part of the University of Roehampton MSc in Attachment Studies.